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Hollow Core Slab

Hollow Core Slab (HCS) is the main product of PT. Beton Elemenindo Perkasa which functions as a floor plate. HCS is produced using a slipformer machine and will be cut according to the order or cutting list. By using HCS, construction work will be faster and construction costs will be reduced when compared to conventional work. HCS is suitable for various types of buildings, such as residential houses, villas, office buildings, shop houses, factories, shopping centers, parking lots, hotels and apartments.

Product Spesification :

Width 1.200 mm
Length as ordered
Thickness 120 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm
Weight 209 kg/m2, 247 kg/m2, 260 kg/m2, 297 kg/m2
Concrete Quality K-450
Upper Surface ready to install ceramics
Lower Surface exposed concrete
Reinforcement PC Wire ∅ 5 mm and ∅ 7 mm

Advantages :

  • Using prestressed system that produces very small deflection caused opponents deflection of prestressing force itself.
  • “Precompression Effect”, provides resistance to high temperatures than conventional concrete.
  • HCS cavity in the center which makes lighter weight is 28% – 49% when compared to conventional floor, making the building structure and foundation dimensions become smaller.
  • Can reduce the dimension of beams and columns when compared to conventional systems resulting in a more spacious room.
  • HCS can be directly mounted ceramics.
  • Exposed the lower surface so that it can be directly used as ceiling.
  • Installation does not require scaffolding so that the lower floor can be used as a working