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BEP Well

Rain water is God’s gift to humans. Rainwater will naturally be brought up by the soil. However, because there is less open space, rainwater cannot be absorbed by the soil and flows directly into drainage channels. When the drainage channel cannot accommodate rainwater, it causes flooding.
BEP Well is one of the water conservation techniques in the form of high quality concrete with a porous surface in all areas so that it can optimally absorb rainwater that falls from the roof of the house into the ground.
By using BEP Well, it will have a direct impact on reducing the overflow of rainwater from the roof of the house to the drainage channel so as to protect and improve groundwater conservation, which eventually becomes part of flood control, suppresses the rate of erosion and suppresses land subsidence and reduces sea water intrusion.

Advantages :

  • Practical and economical
  • Passable vehicle
  • Preventing land subsidence
  • Workmanship is easy and fast
  • The rate of concrete excilation is much better than ordinary absorption wells

Product Spesification :

Concrete Quality K-350
Production Method Vertical dry cast with high frequency vibration
Reinforcement Steel Fy 490 Mpa (U-50)