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PT. Beton Elemenindo Perkasa (BEP), was formally established in February 5th, 1990. The principle ingredient of our continued success has been our teams experience in Concrete Products. We have continuously gained the confidence of the building industry to use our Hollow Core Slab, which shows many, advantages over conventional castings.

Our record to date shows that we can produce the right alternatives, the right products, at the right time, to satisfy all our customers needs. Our vision is to serve the market place with the best quality concrete products, manufactured to the highest possible standards by skilled technicians. Customer satisfaction is of prime importance to us and therefore we believe that all aspects of producer, buyer relationship, from ordering to delivery are extremely necessary.

Over the years PT.Beton Elemenindo Perkasa has gained a lot of trust from its customers and concequently expanded progressively in to other areas of concrete fabrication such as Concrete Piling, Fencing, U – Ditch, Kansteen, Glassfibre Reinforced Cement (GRC), Railway sleepers, Facades, Precast Chairs, Precast Stairs and Light Weight Concrete.

PT. Beton Elemenindo Perkasa adopts the saying “The Only Constant In Our Business Is Change” and stives to keep abreast of technology so that it can achieve total customer satisfaction company that serve the customer best.